The Original Krückengurt

The original Krückengurt (bag) is available in different decors sized 29.00 cm (approx. 11.5″) wide – 37.5 cm (approx. 14.6″) high.

The product is hand-sewn and is made of 100% cotton or alernatively of 75% cotton with 25% polyester, depending on the decor version.

Every Krückengurt (bag) has a carrying strap made of 100% polypropylene, the length of which can be adjusted to any length on one side with the help of 2 strap rings.

Top and bottom of the bag’s back are equipped with 2 hook and loop fasteners that allow it to be securely fastened to a walking aid. Every Krückengurt has 4 sewn-on pockets in the front that are arranged in pairs below one another. The pocket in the top left corner measures 80mm (3″) x 130mm (5″) and the right pocket measures 65mm (2.5″) x 130mm (5″). The bottom left pocket measures 40mm (1.6″) x 140mm (5.5″) and the bottom right pocket measures 150mm (5.9″) x 145mm (5.7″).

The original Krückengurt is registered at the patent office Munich with a utility model protection.