FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Please contact us if you have further questions regarding our online shop. Many important points are also discussed in the terms and conditions of our company. We are happy to answer any further questions via email or telephone.

Yes, we deliver to many countries worldwide. Please check our terms and conditions for shipping costs and the countries to which we deliver.

Please take into consideration that import fees are charged for deliveries to countries outside the EU as soon as your parcel has reached your country. Fees for customs clearance are at your charge. We have no influence over these fees and are therefore unable to predict their costs. Tariff regulations differ considerably from country to country. Should you require more information you should contact your local customs office.

You have the option to place an order via our online shop. You can also send a written order via mail to our address in D-24103 Kiel. Please don’t forget to specify the design and number of items and don’t forget to sign your order when you place a written order. Without your signature, a written order cannot be processed. Depending on the country of delivery, payment method, and order value, shipping costs may arise. You can find this information in our terms and conditions.

Our online shop uses the so-called SSL Standard for secure data transfer. This complies with the current data security regulations for online purchases. You can view our certificate at any time by clicking on the favicon in our URL in the address bar of your browser. The SSL protocol provides a secure connection in 3 aspects:

  • The connection is private as the information you send is encrypted.
  • The server’s identity is known.
  • Effective algorithms check if the information reaches the respective recipient complete and unchanged.

As soon as secure data has to be transmitted, the SSL protocol is initiated by attaching an s to the familiar http. This tells the browser to request a certificate and its public code from the respective server. This code, together with a checksum and an ID, is reported back to the server. Only a few certification offices calculate this information. With the transferred data the browser checks whether it is really connected to the server that is indicated in the URL. If this is the case, the browser provides the user with the respective information: Internet Explorer for example, closes the D-lock, the navigator/ communicator indicates a secure page with the intact key. In the following phase, both devices agree on a symmetrical key (session key). As this communication happens via an asymmetrical key, the safety is provided. Before the actual data transfer, the browser sends several test messages to the server in order to determine whether it really is the server it is pretending to be.

We use your information exclusively to process your order. You will not receive e-mails, letters, or telephone calls from us once your order has been delivered. Your information will not be passed on to third parties. After successful delivery of the product, your information is digitally removed. However, like any other retail business we have to keep a hard copy of all bills for a period of 10 years for tax reasons. Should you lose your records of your orders, please contact us via e-mail or telephone. We are happy to send you a copy of your order information.

In our shop, you can find the “Add To Cart” button to the right of price and shipping costs. By clicking this button, you select a Krückengurt for purchase and place it into the virtual shopping cart. If need be, you can change the number of items in the box just above the price. The default number 1 can simply be overwritten.

Please read our general terms and conditions before ordering a Krückengurt. This will help to avoid misunderstandings. The terms and conditions can be found at any time clearly visible in the main navigation under “Terms and conditions”. As soon as you have placed the chosen Krückengurt in the shopping cart, you can click on the “Checkout” button. You will then enter the secure area of our online shop, where all data transferred from and to the server is encrypted (SSL).

You will now see the input form for your personal information. Please enter you address and choose your country of delivery under “Calculate Shipping Price” in order to determine the shipping costs. The calculated amount will be added to the price automatically. For deliveries within the EU, the VAT included in the price will also be listed. Please double-check the information you entered, as a smooth delivery can only ensue if we have your correct address. Please do not forget to enter your e-mail address. After submitting your order, you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail. Please bear in mind that deliveries to post boxes as well as general deliveries are not possible. You will now be asked to choose a payment method and accept the terms and conditions by checking the respective boxes. By clicking the “Purchase” button, you will be directed to your selected payment method.

Shortly after submitting your payment/order, you will receive an automatic order/delivery confirmation. Please store this e-mail safely, as it contains all your order information (except for payment details for data protection reasons).